Is Epe Land a Good Investment

Is Buying Epe Land a Good Investment?

If you are one of the real estate investors asking whether Epe (in Lagos) is a good place to buy land and live in, we’ve gathered some valid points why Epe should be on your priority list.

We will also share with you five reasons Epe is going to be the next Lekki of Lagos a few years away. Right now, it is still affordable to buy a plot of land in that location as land is expected appreciate in Epe a few years to come.

You must be familiar with Lagos traffic and high living costs if you’ve ever visited Lagos. Overpopulation is the main factor that causes traffic. Traffic problems can be countered by depopulating Lagos and migrating people into the less populated areas of Lagos like Epe and Ibeju-Lekki.

Epe is hot. We know this for a fact. In this article we will highlight why you should make an investment in Epe.

Where is Epe located?

Epe, a less populated Lagos town located on the north bank Lekki lagoon’s northern bank and approximately 90km from Ibadan. 

Epe is both an area and a municipality in Lagos State, Nigeria. It is a Yoruba community of 294 villages and 24 semi-urban settlements, located close to the Lagos lagoon.

The area has two main groups with their monarchs, so there is no one supreme ruler. These are the Ijebu Epe and Eko Epe communities, both located in the same city.

Lagos State University, Yaba College of Technology and Michael Otedola College of Primary Education are all located in the Epe district of Lagos. Pan-Atlantic University is also found here. As a Landmark, the Lagos State Government created a statue of two large fish at an intersection at Epe’s entrance from the Lekki-Epe Expressway.

Why Epe is a great place for real estate investment

You may be wondering why Epe when you have some monies to buy pieces of land in Ajah, Lekki Phase 2 and some parts of Ikoyi. Here are some of the reasons why your investment in Epe land will give you a great Return on Investment (ROI) in a few years from now:


Affordable housing is a major reason why people are moving to Epe. Because Epe is more affordable than other parts of Lagos, many individuals, families, and organizations are moving to this new smart city.

Some areas of Lagos are also overpopulated. This has resulted in a rise in property and housing prices. Lagos is already bustling enough. Anything that can reduce this stress, even the smallest bit, will be welcomed. People will always look out for affordability and easy access. Epe provides solutions to some of the problems in densely populated areas.


A lot of people choose to invest in Epe land to develop and build property. This is due to the low cost of land and development compared to other areas of Lagos like Ikeja, Agege, and Ojota.

First, we know that Epe is the next major town in terms of residential and industrial traffic. With that information, we can predict a rise in population and economic activity that will lead to high demand for Epe property. Smart investors are buying land parcels in the area to resell in the future when it will have appreciated.

Location of Industry

Because Epe Land is affordable, many organizations have moved to Epe to start industrial facilities that would be expensive to build in other parts.

The town’s popularity and population growth have been aided by its industrialization. People from many different fields and crafts have chosen to do business here. An industrial hub has many economic benefits that promote sustainable growth and the development of different businesses.


Epe is also known for its many tourist attractions. Epe has many interesting places to visit. This makes it a popular destination for foreign tourists. These foreign visitors can help to promote international and local trade in different sectors. You are most likely to visit many locations.

These landmarks are important to us. The landmarks that signal you are coming into Epe, such as the statue of two fishes at the Epe roundabout, are examples.


Evolution is positive and it’s only for the best. This is where more people and businesses establish their base. A few notable infrastructure developments in Epe include the 16.4 6-lane expressway that connects Lekki-Epe and Ibeju Lekki.

Everyone is excited about this project as it will reduce the congestion that is often encountered on that route. It is highly anticipated as it will assist with the massive migration in Epe (ROAD). It will also be known as the Lagos Industrial Hub.

The Ibeju–Lekki-Epe confluence is very similar to the one at Victoria Island. One is a commercial hub, while the other is residential.

Ibeju Lekki, the fastest-developing area in Lagos is home to large industrial facilities such as the Dangote Refinery and Deep sea port. It also has a Lekki free trade Zone and many other facilities.

Ibeju Lekki’s industrialization has tripled the population and activities recorded by the local government. 

It also funnels traffic to areas near it, the most developed and prominent being Epe. Many people from Ibeju have settled in Epe. Investors who are interested in Epe-Lekki also often expand their investments when they see the potential of the town.

Wrapping up

Epe property ownership has many benefits. However, the keyword is “TIME”. The best investors who have already purchased land in Epe and those who do not want to be left behind by the population and price rises will reap the greatest rewards.

You can secure land in Epe if you are a real estate investor.

Above all, ensure to verify the documents of property in Lagos before you make payment. Buy from legitimate sellers.

Properly scrutinize family land before making payment to avoid lawsuits after building or buying the land.

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