Is buylandlagos a real estate company?

We are not a real estate company. This site is operated by a real estate broker. All the properties on this site are sourced from PWAN and an individual property who commissioned us to market their property

How do I search for a property?

You can search for properties using the search bar located on the homepage. Simply enter your desired location and other relevant search criteria, such as the land measurement, location, state, type of property, and click “Search” to see a list of matching properties.

How do I contact the owner or agent for a property?

Each property listing includes a “Contact” button, which you can use to send a message to the owner or agent for that property. You can also find contact information for the owner or agent in the property listing details.

Can I book a property directly through the website?

It depends on the property and the owner or agent’s preferences. Some properties may allow you to book directly through the website, while others may require you to contact the owner or agent to make a reservation.

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Is it safe to enter my personal and payment information on the website?

We do not accept payment from a prospective buyer. Payment can only be made directly to the real estate company that is in charge of the listed property on our site when the buyer is satisfied after site inspection.

Is there a fee to list my property on the website?

There may be a fee to list your property on our website, depending on the package you choose. Please contact us for more information on listing fees and options.

Can I list a property for sale on the website?

Yes, you can list properties for sale/rent on our website. Simply select “For Sale” as the listing type when creating your listing.

How can I contact you?

Send us an email at buylandlagos@gmail.com.

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