high-risk places to buy land in Lagos State

10 High-Risk Locations to Buy Land in Lagos

Because Lagos keeps growing in population despite its tiny size (when compared with several other Nigerian states).

Are we to talk about the hundreds of people that migrate into commercial cities every day? Or the way land continues to appreciate in the city and the increasing demand for rent?

Putting many factors together, Lagos is a good investment destination for real estate, like buying land and purchasing a completed apartment.

As you save to be a land or homeowner in the city of Lagos, you’ve got to be very careful before you pay for a piece of land in Lagos. This is because there are certain areas that are notorious for shady land sales.

Every land in Lagos requires a background check, but some locations require even extra caution because you may land in the hands of a dubious landowner.

To avoid regrets or lawsuits that may lead to loss of money when buying land in Lagos, we’ve compiled 10 dangerous locations to exercise extra caution.


There are lands being sold by land-grabber (popularly called ‘Omonile’) as part of Badore Extension. In reality, these lands fall within the infamous Cooperative Villa Government Allocations Scheme. This property can be at Off Unity Road, Cooperative Villa Badore Eti-Osa Local Government.

Don’t let anyone deceive you into buying fraudulent land. These guys have what it takes to forge the land documents (such as a deed of assembly, survey plan, and so on).

As things stand now, several unsuspecting people have fallen into their traps and will definitely lose their lands and hard-earned money.

Oko-Ebute Village

Oko-Ebute Village can found at Alatishe, Ibeju Lekki. Wondering why it is Ibeju Lekki again? It is the new Lagos. Land at the Lagos mainland has been occupied. There is an influx of Lagosians to the Island for new businesses and individuals who want to be landowners in the commercial city.

Most of the pieces of land at Oko-Ebute Village at Alatishe fall within the Proposed Central Business District. If you don’t want to use your money to buy avoidable issues, then avoid this place.

Ilogbo Eremi Badagry

Experts in land documentation warned prospective buyers to be very careful before they buy any land in Oko Egan Area of Badagry.

If you are familiar with the Badagry area of Lagos, you will know how strategic that place is.

A lot of lands in Badagry are under Government acquisition (usually for tourism). But some fraudulent land owners still sell these lands to unsuspecting buyers.

To avoid a case where the government will come around to demolish your building, do background checks before making payment for a piece of land in Badagry.

Oko Agbon Village, Ibeju Lekki

Another dangerous place to purchase land in Lagos is the Oko Agbo Village area of Ibeju Lekki, Lagos. There are several legitimate lands you can buy in different parts of Ibeju Lekki Local Government. However, if you don’t want trouble, then avoid purchasing land at Oko Agbon Village.

A large chunk of the land here falls within the Ibeju Coastal City Residential Scheme. This means the government already has plans for it, and they will come for their thing when they are ready.

Igbanko Village, Badagry

As stated already, many of the lands in Badagry are already under Government acquisition for various purposes. One of these revolves around agricultural purposes. The government has set aside some properties in this location for the New Town Development Authority Royal Palm Scheme.

For those that already bought lands within this jurisdiction may lose their investment when the Government is ready to use that land.

Gbelero Street, Ikola Ipaja

A good part of the land here is within the Ipaja New Town Scheme. Unfortunately, the sellers of those properties will always claim ownership of the land and even show false documents to deceive unsuspecting people.

As expected, many people already purchased these lands – which means they will probably lose them when the Government is eventually ready to start the project.

Monastery Road, Sangotedo

One of the riskiest places to buy property in Lagos is Monastery Road, Sangotedo Town Eti-Osa Local Government of Lagos.

There are plenty of excellent lands here, but many of them are problematic ones. They require thorough research and due diligence.

Some scammers are selling lands that don’t belong to them, and they have false documents at their disposal.

Ifako Gbagada, Kosofe Local Government

If you don’t have the strength for troubles that might follow a problematic property, put property located Off Adegbenro Street, Ifako Gbagada, Kosofe Local Government on your list. Take extra caution before buying land in this location.

Before you buy land in this area, ensure you conduct your due diligence first to be sure that it is not within the Committed Mende Revocation.

By taking the extra mile to conduct a search, you could save millions of naira.

Obviously, buying something like this means nothing but a problem because the real owners will come for their property.

Therefore, don’t be in a haste to pay for the land in these areas, even if the sellers are showing you a document to lure you.

Allied Gardens Estate, Badore

Eti-Osa local Government

Let’s come back to Badore. But this time around, let’s dwell at Allied Gardens Estate. Just to let you know, in this area, many lands fall within the 300 Hectares Lekki Government Acquisition.

What this means is that the government already has what they intend doing with those lands.

The unfortunate thing is that many people already fell for this land scam, and have even built their houses before they knew what they have gotten themselves into.

Therefore, they are usually living in fear, knowing that the government can decide to wake up one day and start demolishing those houses.

Oko Olomi, Ibeju Lekki

Let’s still keep the beam light on Ibeju Lekki before moving elsewhere. There are certain parts of this place (Oko Olomi) under Government acquisition too, but Omoniles are still selling them to unsuspecting land buyers.

Of course, not that there aren’t legitimate lands at Oko Olomi. You should be very careful not to fall into the wrong hands.

How to avoid falling for land scam in Lagos

Anyone can fall victim of land scam in Lagos. If you think you are smart, there are smarter-dubious land sellers around Lagos. There were millionaires who have fallen victim to this dubious act in the past. The most important thing is for you take be careful not to join the list of victims.

To avoid falling victim of land scam in Lagos, here are some buying land check in Lagos to guide:

1) Clear any doubt by completing thorough search in the a10 locations listed above

2) Check if the land you want to purchase has a verifiable title.

3) If it’s a resell property, check the root of the title. Did the land document come from a genuine owner?

4) Check the origin of the property. Was it bought from a land grabber?

5) Visit Land Registry at the Directorate of Land to search for documentation of the said property.

6) Carry out a confirmation of survey at the office of the Surveyor-General of Lagos State.

7) Tradition search if you are familiar with the history of the area

Final thought:

These are some of the high-risk places to buy land in Lagos. There are still good sellers around these areas, but you must be very meticulous and check authenticity of titles before committing your money. Land scam in Lagos is real.

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  • Ibeju-Lekki LGA
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