Lagos Land Grabbers Task Force Phone Number

Lagos Land Grabbers Task Force Phone Number You Should Call In Case You’re Facing Omo-Onile Problem

If you have been facing the issue of Omo-Onile on your property, it’s time to report them to Lagos Land Grabbers Task Force through these Phone Numbers and get them arrested.

Planning of buying a plot of land in any part of Lagos? There are two buying options for you:

  • 1) buying directly from the owner of the property and
  • 2) buying from a real estate company.

There are advantages of buying land (property) from a real estate company. Most times, there is no issue of Omo-Onile when you buy from a real estate company. There could also be a disadvantage too like following a specific layout of the company which you can’t alter.

But everyone can’t buy property from real estate company.

In the case of purchasing directly from a land owner, one of the biggest issues you could face is omo-onile.

Omo-Onile will appear dubiously from an unknown place to illegally ‘tax ‘you. They would compel you to bribe them so that work can go on smoothly on your property. It could be annoying.

What Is Lagos State Government Doing About The Issue of Omo-Onile?

The government of Lagos a few years ago realised that the damage land grabbers are causing the cosmopolitan state was enormous, it came up with Lagos State Property Protection Law of 2016, a punitive law to punish anyone caught in the act land grabbing.

Yet, some touts found a way of circumventing the law. And the state came up with Lagos Special Taskforce On Land Grabbers (LSTFLG).

The state government through LSTFLG released hotlines property owners should call whenever they face the issue of omo-onile.

Meeting with localised stakeholders

On April 22, 2021, the taskforce held a meeting, “Land Grabbers, The Law and Your Rights” with stakeholders in the property industry in Ikorodu.

The Coordinator, Lagos State Special Taskforce on Land Grabbers, Mr. Owolabi Arole, at the meeting explored ways to put a final stop to the activities of land grabbers in the State.

Ikorodu was picked at the takeoff point of the stakeholders’ meeting because of the prevalence of land grabbers in the areas, “a similar forum would hold in all six divisions of Lagos State,” the coordinator hinted.

What you do before seeking the assistance of LSTFLG?

If it very important that you have the required documents before you report land grabbers’ activities on your property. The two most important documents are are 1) Land Purchase receipt and 2)Certificate Of Occupancy

Remember, the Lagos State Property Protection Law of 2016 is still in full swing:

The Law prohibits forceful entry and illegal occupation of landed property, violent and fraudulent conducts in relation to landed properties in Lagos State prescribes severe penalties with various prison terms for guilty persons.

LSTFLG coordinator said:

“Citizens must acquire landed property the right way, which must include having the C of O (Certificate of Occupancy).

“This will assist the Special Taskforce to determine the appropriate way or legal steps to take in resolving any encroachment situation.

“The Law is no respecter of persons regardless of the societal status of the people involved. It will definitely take its full course on defaulters”.

How to report land grabbers

According to the coordinator, the only way the Lagos Land Grabbers Task Force can take action is when it gets reports from the victims

He said that Lagosians and property owners in the city must ensure to bring to the attention of the Taskforce to any issue bordering on land grabbing.

How to sent complaint to Lagos State Special Taskforce on Land Grabbers

There are three ways through which you can reach out to the LSTFLG

  1. Phone numbers
  2. Email address
  3. Office address

Phone Numbers:

LSTFLG phone numbers to call are:

  • 09096667123
  • 09020085005

Email address:

You can also address your grievances through email:

Through Lagos State Ministry of Justice Address:

The task force is under the Lagos State Ministry of Justice:

Lagos State Ministry of Justice,

Alausa, Ikeja,

Lagos, Nigeria

If you’ve saved over the years, bought a legit property with valid documents, don’t allow any touts or omo-onile to intimidate you.

Call land Lagos Land Grabbers Taskforce today

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  • Adeshina

    The issue of omo onile in isheri osun is becoming serious ..isheri in alimosho local. Govt area …..they are fraudulent people …when u buy land to obtain new receipt they demand high amount of money ,to do slab they will request for money this has been what they are doing in this area how can an individual overcome all this and we want house rent to be minimal affordable all this issue government should revisit it to make lagos habitable

  • adeyemi lanre

    I have an issues it a land purchase by my father for my sister on her name an the issue as been brought to zone 2 the that bought the arcade land is Dr. J. S. Opaluba and Mr. Nnamdi Akpaka is the one the Dr. J. S. Put on the forest to over see the land and my father paid to him and a receipt issues to us on 30/12/2011 Alhaji and pastor binuyo were the one that take my father to that land and the said Dr. J. S. Resell the same land to another Mr. Okafor in the year 2014 so please what can l no now

  • Olowofela Johnson

    I have an issue with the said omoonile on the property I bought not quite long with receipt and deed of assignment.The property is a free hold not lease but the Baale of the area told me I have to paid #500,000 for another family receipt written on my name and I will also have to pay for foundation,decking and also on.

  • Anjorin jamiu

    I bought a land from omo onile and later find out that the land I purchase from them belongs to an organization called hamoc and told them to refund my money but they are not ready to return the money claiming they will give me another portion of land which they did not expect please I need your help

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