11 Land Documents In Lagos You Must Know Before  Buying Property

11 Land Documents In Lagos You Must Know Before Buying Property

Once upon a time, our forefathers bought plots of land from their colleagues or community members without a receipt. All they needed was a witness.

From there, a written transfer of ownership and a witness were needed, but today, everything has completely changed.

In fact, a receipt is no longer enough to prove an ownership of a piece of land in a competitive city like Lagos.

Some of the reasons for this isn’t far-fetched:

  1. The economic value placed on land has gone beyond what we knew it to be;
  2. Anyone could forge and manipulate a receipt and dupe an investor

Forging of land receipt is common phenomenon among omo-onile (land grabbers) in Lagos. It has happened severally in the past and hundreds of prospective real estate investors have lost millions of naira.

Pathetically, this ugly incidence may continue if you don’t know the land documents that give you the legal ownership of a property in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial city.

So, what are the land documents to know before buying land in Lagos?

Your first step is to find out if the land is a family property or assign a reliable real estate consultant or property lawyer to carry out a background check for you.

If you are buying from a real estate company most of which are under estate, the issue of family property is most unlikely, but it’s also very important to do your findings.

We know that buying a plot of land and building a house on it is a dream for many of us, however, this has become a very tricky affair, especially when considering the blatant corruption surrounding the deals including creating fake documents as pointed out earlier.

So if you’re ready to buy a piece of land in Lagos to build your first home, it is advisable to be very cautious and thorough.

Here are 11 land documents in Lagos you need to pay attention to. In most cases, having four of these legal documents is enough.

Here are the important documents you need to know:

  • Land Purchase receipt
  • Certificate Of Occupancy
  • Deed Of Lease
  • Deed Of Assignment/Conveyance
  • Land Certificate
  • Letter of administration
  • Deed Of Mortgage
  • Deed Of Sub-Lease
  • Judgement of court
  • Survey Plan
  • Contract of sale

How To Get These Documents

I know how eager you are to possess some of these legal land documents, as such, I’ll be picking the documents one after the other in our subsequent guides on how to apply and get them.

You can apply and get some of these documents at directorate of land registry in Lagos Land Bureau.

I’m sure you’ve heard real estate agent or lawyer talk about C of O, Deed of Assignment, Government-approved survey and lots of other documents, that fine.

I’ll also guide you on how to verify land title most especially if you’re looking forward to invest in real estate in the city of Lagos.

The beauty of this is that: I’ll be connecting you with the all the necessary information you need to guide you for a saver decision wherever you around the world.

Final thought:

Don’t be “too forward” to pump in your hard-earned money into a property in an industrial and competitive city like Lagos, avoid the costly mistakes in real estate as pointed out in one of our guides.

Take it easy…”be calming down”

There is nothing bad in being excited about investing in real estate, but you must also be cautious even in the face of excitement.

One of the safest ways for making a claim on land ownership is by having title documents that give you legal ownership.

How BuyLandLagos Can Help You

At BuyLandLagos, we don’t just market land or property, we make sure you buy fraud-free property. Our verification mechanism is top-notch.

Trust is a very important value we nocturne dearly. Talk to us if you need our professional guidance in buying a property in Lagos.

We’re here for you!

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