Land Documents

Important land documents in Lagos which you need to know before buying any property. This will help you avoid falling prey of fraudsters

5 Major Ways to Investigate Land Titles in Lagos, Nigeria

The riskiest cities to buy land in Nigeria are Lagos and Abuja. Risk may also be involved in other locations, but it higher in Nigeria’s commercial city and the Federal Capital territory (FCT). This guide can also be applied in investigating land titles in any part of Nigeria. We are specifically focusing on Lagos because […]

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Land Purchase Receipt In Lagos And How To Avoid Issuance of Fraudulent Document

Land Purchase Receipt In Lagos And How To Avoid Fraudulent Property Document

Whether a buyer makes part or full payment to the seller (owner) of a property, there must be a document that acknowledges that a person has received payment for such land or building. The document is known as Receipt of Purchase of Property or Land Purchase Receipt. There must be a document from the owner […]

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