Payment Disclaimer

BuyLandLagos is a real estate marketing and property management company, as such, we do  not collect or receive payment from a potential property buyer or investor.

Payments are made directly to corporate account of our real estate partners who are in possession of legal documents of any property you found on this site.

And before payments are made, we’ll make available for you subscription form of any property you are interested in.

The subscription form contains other commitment on the part of our partners and you (the prospective investor). It contains terms and conditions of the investment.

There is no hidden charges.

The only time we could charge you is when you commissioned us to carry out a personal research or a due diligence on an independent property you found elsewhere.

The first property we were commissioned to manage came from a Facebook friend whom we’ve never met. It was purely based on our previous business relationship.

Trust and Integrity is our core value. Find out more about us HERE or Contact Us if you want to make enquiry. We’re available 24/7

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