real estate banking investment buy and sell property at PWAN HOMES marketed by Opeyemi Quadri

How To Make 15%-30% Interest In Real Estate Banking (Buy & Sell Offer)

This article explains real estate banking (popularly known as buy and sell offer in Nigeria) and how much you can make from it between six to 12 months.

  • Product: Sell & Buy Sell offer
  • Location: Lagos State
  • Interest rate: 15-30%
  • Tenor: 6-12months
  • Company in charge: PWAN Homes
  • Real Estate Consultant: Opeyemi Quadri


At BuyLandLagos, we do not collect money from our clients, all payments are made to the official business account of our partner.

How buy and sell works

  • Buy at N3,000,00, sell at N3,900,000 in 12months
  • Buy at N15,000,000, sell at N19,500,000 in 12months
  • Buy at N30,000,000, sell at N39,000,000 in 12months

The above buy and sell offers depend on the location. Read on as we’ll be shedding more light on this in later part of this guide.

We’ll also highlight a distinctive difference between real estate banking and fixed deposit and draw a conclusion on which is better.

We’ll also tell you how to subscribe to the buy and sell landed property for higher interest rate in Nigeria with a reputable company which has been in the real estate business for more than 10 years.

It’s also called buy and sell. This is similar to investing in Nigerian fixed deposits. But real estate banking gives a much higher interest than the financial institutions.

What is real estate banking?

Real estate banking is a process of buying a property (plots of land) from a reputable real estate company to sell within a stipulated time for ROI (Return on Investment).

The highest interest rate you can get from from fixed deposit from any Nigerian bank is between 7%-12%, some of them is as low as 5% or lesser. To get the 12% interest, you’d have to invest several millions of naira and this depends on the tenor.

For instance, Mr Alaba can only make N69,041.1 (N5,753.425/month) on his N1,000,000 in his fixed deposit with 12month tenor if the bank is offering 7% interest rate.

In real estate banking, this isn’t the case. Landed property rarely depreciate (except in cases of distress sale). You WILL make more money from buy and sell offer in real estate.

How can I invest in real estate banking?

Very simple…

  • Make inquiry
  • Check the antecedent of the real estate company you want to invest in
  • Inspect site
  • Make sure you properly understand the Terms and Conditions
  • Carry your lawyer along in the document signing process
  • Invest
  • Wait till tenor elapse
  • Get your investment and profit.

The good part, real estate companies are now rolling out different offers in this path, however, we’re confident to recommend our partner (PWAN Homes).

How much can I make from buy and sell real estate investment?

The amount you make on your investment depends on the location of the property. Location determines the price of plots of land and property.

If you’re subscribing to buy and sell offer in an industrial  area, you’re definitely going to get higher ROI compared to a completely local area with no infrastructural development.

This is one of the reasons, Ibeju-Lekki axis is one of the top notch areas to invest in when you’re considering adding  real estate investing to your portfolio.

The buy and sell offer is available in the following estates:

  • Dominion Garden City
  • Diamond Phase 2
  • Oakwood Gardens 1

At Dominion Garden City, buy at N3,000,00, sell at N3,900,000 in 12months. This means you’d make N900,000 in 12 months

At Hectares of Diamond Phase 2, buy at N15,000,000, sell at N19,500,000 in 12months, meaning you’d make N4,500,000 in a year.

At Oakwood Gardens 1, buy at N30,000,000, sell at N39,000,000 in a year.

The beauty of this is that you may also decide to buy and build or possibly opt for N1,000,000 plot of land at Ibeju-Lekki located at Ode Omi, Lagos State.

Guide To Making Money From Real Estate Banking (Buy & Sell Offer): Buy at N3,000,00, sell at N3,900,000 in 12months

This article explains investing in real estate banking (buy and sell offer) and how much you can make from it between six to 12 months. Buy at N3,000,00, sell at N3,900,000 in 12months; Buy at N15,000,000, sell at N19,500,000 in 12months; Buy at N30,000,000, sell at N39,000,000 in 12months

Service Type: Real Estate Buy and Sell Offer

Price: 3,000,00-30,000,000

Currency: Naira

For inspection and inquiries, use our contact us page or call Opeyemi Quadri, a real estate consultant on 08065277758.



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